Christian Writer Angered By Skit About Jesus Performing Miracles Under TrumpCare July 7, 2017

Christian Writer Angered By Skit About Jesus Performing Miracles Under TrumpCare

A couple of days ago Funny or Die posted a short skit about how Jesus would’ve handled all those “miracles” if he acted like Republicans working on health care. Just imagine Jesus telling people he can’t help them because of their pre-existing conditions and you have a good idea of the sketch.


It turns out Bob Eschliman at Christian publication Charisma can’t deal with the joke because he wrote up a whole essay against this form of Christian persecution.

Not only does the video mock Jesus and Christians in its attempt to attack Republicans, but it’s woefully short on facts, providing a nearly literal depiction of the “throwing Grandma off the cliff” attacks liberals have used against political conservatives with regard to health care for decades. This is the same pathetic approach Funny or Die has taken to mocking Republicans in the past, but adding the blasphemous depictions of Jesus was a new low.

As of this writing, the video has been viewed nearly 620,000 times but has earned only 160 “funny” votes. It’s received 50 “die” votes. Commenting has been deactivated for the video, suggesting the group knew it would spark considerable outrage.

But, by posting it anyway, they’ve demonstrated their hatred for evangelical Christians and political conservatives.

There’s a lot to be said about a Christian getting offended by a comedy skit… but it’s not even true that this video mocks Christians.

If anything, they’re honoring Christianity by encouraging people to be more like the Jesus of the Bible instead of like evangelical conservatives who don’t seem to give a damn how much people will suffer if they lose their health insurance and can’t get decent, affordable coverage.

This video mocks the GOP’s hypocrisy far more than it does Christianity. It asks why conservatives don’t seem to care about their own self-proclaimed principles.

Maybe Eschliman is offended because he knows, deep down, that there’s no way to square the Jesus he worships with the despicable policies promoted by the Party of Evangelicals.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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