TN Church Bus Driver Arrested on Charges of Child Rape July 5, 2017

TN Church Bus Driver Arrested on Charges of Child Rape

Edwin Burgess, a 54-year-old bus driver hired by Central Christian Church in Covington, Tennessee, is under arrest on charges of child rape and aggravated sexual battery. He allegedly asked 10-year-old girls on his bus to play Truth or Dare with him… and things got progressively more disturbing from there.


He reportedly asked them to pee in a sink while he watched.

On another occasion he dared them to ride the bus home naked.

When the victim said her mother would be mad, he reportedly told her [no] one would find out and the windows were too dark that no one would see.

Another child said he began raping her at the start of this year up until just a few weeks ago.

None of this is to say the people at that church should be blamed for his alleged actions, but you have to wonder what their hiring process was like, how deeply they looked into his background, if they had any clue of these allegations before the police found out, and how they’re responding now. And were any of their actions different from what a public school would have done when hiring someone who has direct interaction with children?

They haven’t said anything publicly since this story came out.

Burgess’ first hearing on the matter will take place on July 14.

(Thanks to Jaynee for the link)

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