The Secret Behind Will Tsai’s Mindblowing Magic Trick July 1, 2017

The Secret Behind Will Tsai’s Mindblowing Magic Trick

Last month, on America’s Got Talent, a “visualist” named Will Tsai did the most incredible magic trick you’ve ever seen. It looked as if he was making coins disappear and reappear — or turn into rose petals — in the blink of an eye.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it.

How did he do that?

Captain Disillusion, the finest bullshit detector on YouTube, wouldn’t just reveal a magician’s trick, but he does have a problem with Tsai in particular because so much of his popularity stems from visual effects done after the fact, not actual sleight of hand. In the case of what he did on the TV show, he may have even received some help from the show’s editors…


Anyone who’s watched Penn & Teller knows that even when they reveal how they do a trick, you still enjoy watching it because the brilliance lies in their skills. They know how to sell it.

But after I saw how Tsai did his trick, I just got upset.

On a personal note, if you’re not supporting Captain Disillusion’s work, you should. He’s one of the best.

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