Every Religious Person Should Be Able to Answer These Questions June 24, 2017

Every Religious Person Should Be Able to Answer These Questions

Here’s a question you learn to ask religious people in Atheism 101: If you believe your religion is true because you have strong faith and it brings you joy, what would you say to someone of a different religion who says the same thing?

Reid, a “street epistemologist” at Cordial Curiosity, asked a Christian stranger (Tia) a version of that question in the middle of a ten-minute interview… and it seemed like everything came to a halt.

At one point, Tia even says to someone off-camera: “He’s asking me tough questions. I didn’t even learn this in Bible class!”

What’s interesting is that he’s not even debating her. He’s just trying to get to the heart of how she knows her beliefs are true by asking open-ended questions. When you’re not used to thinking that way, it can be jarring.

Tia didn’t magically become an atheist. But maybe she’ll think about these questions the next time she’s in Bible class. Who knows what can happen from there.

(Thanks to Ed for the link)

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