Turkish Man Assaulted Woman on Bus Because Her Short Shorts “Provoked” Him June 22, 2017

Turkish Man Assaulted Woman on Bus Because Her Short Shorts “Provoked” Him

Last week, Turkish university student Melisa Saglam was riding a bus when a man punched her in the face, then pushed her back when she tried to retaliate. Why the assault? Because her shorts were too short and the man felt “provoked” by them.


Before the punch, the man — named in the Turkish press as Ercan Kizilates — allegedly asked her: “Are you not ashamed to dress this way during Ramadan?” She chased him as he went to leave the vehicle, but he threw her to the back of the bus and ran away.

Turkish prosecutors issued a warrant for the man’s arrest, but according to Hurriyet Daily News, this wasn’t Kizilates’ first run-in with the law. He was already prosecuted for tax fraud and sentenced to three years and nine months in prison… but he had run away before they could put him behind bars.

After this incident occurred, and police took him in for questioning, they realized he was the same guy. So they sent him to jail (for the tax fraud) instead of releasing him following the assault interview. If he’s found guilty again, I assume another sentence will be issued on top of his current one.

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