Pastor: The Sexual Revolution Leads to Homosexuality, Bestiality, and Bonnaroo June 22, 2017

Pastor: The Sexual Revolution Leads to Homosexuality, Bestiality, and Bonnaroo

Tennessee Pastor Greg Locke wants you all to know that there’s a sexual progression in all societies. All of them. It was foretold in the Bible and it never fails.

First, there’s the sexual revolution. That, of course, leads to homosexuality. Which then leads to sex with dogs. And pedophilia. And polygamy. And music festivals like Bonnaroo.

He explains it all in this video (which he posted on his own because he lacks all self-awareness).


Here’s the progression that you’re gonna see in a society. There will always first be a sexual revolution. American began its sexual revolution in the ’60s… Make love! Not war! And we thought, aw, it’s just gonna be a fad. It’s just gonna die out. And it got more nekkid. And it got more pornographic. And it got more perverse. And it got more wicked. And it got more adulterous. And it got more filled with fornication. So that, today, where we are is you can’t even hardly buy a bag of dog food without some half-nekkid woman’s picture being all over the front of it.

It always begins with a sexual revolution. Which I promise you, every time in history, has always led, number two, to a homosexual revolution… It always leads from sexual rebellion to homosexual rebellion. It’s exactly what happened in the Bible… And then that leads to free love, to free sex. It leads to Bonnaroo-type of experiences, if you will…

Gotta hate that U2 and Lorde-led perversion…

Locke takes a moment here to whine about how church leaders are afraid to talk about these issues because the government may take away their tax exemptions. He’s wrong (as usual). No one, including church/state separation advocates, ever told pastors not to speak out on social issues. The tax exemption could, in theory, only be taken away if pastors were telling their congregations how to vote — and even then, it never happens. (Donald Trump has since told the IRS not to go after churches who violate the rule, giving them even more leeway than they already had to break the rules.)

But when the inevitable progression to homosexuality happens, Locke said, things will only get worse!

Here’s what’s gonna happen next. This crowd is gonna come out of the woodworks and they gonna be marrying their dogs. They gonna be marrying their cats. Ellen’s already talking about some woman that married herself. That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard in my life, right? You say, “Pastor, who in the world would want to marry a horse?” Yet, ten years ago, if I’d have preached this message, you’d have said the very same thing. There’s no way the Supreme Court of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave is ever gonna legalize same-sex marriage. And now? We can barely even say anything about it! And guess what? In Canada, you go to jail for saying something about it.

And when this goes online, they’ll be mad that Brother Locke said something about it, right?

No one is marrying animals. It’s not on the Gay Agenda. Trust me. Locke doesn’t seem to understand what “consent” is.

No one is stopping pastors from being bigots either. Hell, Locke sounds like he has no problem spewing his vile on Facebook. No one’s barging into his church. No one’s stopping him from speaking. Nor should they. He has that right.

He’s lying about Canada, too. There are pastors in Canada. He may be referring to a story where a pastor was found to be promoting hate speech.

But since he’s gone this far, why not take it all the way to crazytown?

A sexual revolution has no end to it. It leads to a homosexual revolution. And it gets worse, and it gets more vile, and it gets more vicious. And listen: Polygamy is gonna be free game. Pedophilia is gonna be free game. Because these guys are gonna get out of prison, look at the judge and say, “Hey, I feel naturally attracted to little boys and little girls.” As sick as that is, it’s gonna happen…

Again. Consent matters.

Will this revolution ever stop? Yes, Locke says. “The only way it’s gonna get any better is for Jesus to come back, put a lid on it, and fix the whole thing… And He’s going to one day…”

Sure He will, Greg. Sure He will.

Until then, we’ll buy tickets to all the music festivals that we want.

(Edit: I originally posted a link to an anti-gay UK pastor fined for disturbing the peace. It’s been changed to an anti-gay Canadian pastor fined for promoting hate speech.)

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