An Actress Gets High With the “Weed Nuns” Because Why Not? June 22, 2017

An Actress Gets High With the “Weed Nuns” Because Why Not?

The last time we saw weed mixed with religion on this site, a rabbi, Jew, and atheist were discussing theology while getting high. It was delightful.

Now, actress Aubrey Plaza gets a lesson on marijuana from the “Weed Nuns.” They have no affiliation with the Catholic Church, and they wear habits just for the hell of it, but it’s not like the word “nun” is trademarked, so why the hell not?


The nuns say at one point, “If Jesus lived, He probably smoked weed.” I don’t think that’s what anyone means by “Higher Power,” but it’s still entertaining to watch. And I’m sure more teenagers would’ve gone to Sunday School if these nuns taught it.

Best part? They all mock The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue near the end of the video. Which I will now assume everyone does while smoking weed.

(via WatchCut Video)

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