Extremist Hindu Calls for Public Executions of People Who Eat Beef June 15, 2017

Extremist Hindu Calls for Public Executions of People Who Eat Beef

What does it look like when extremist Hindus speak? Not very different from extremists of other faiths, really.

At the “Hindu Rashtra” conference currently underway in the city of Goa, speaker Sadhvi Saraswati called for the slaughter of people who eat beef and urged everyone to get a gun before Muslims steal away their daughters.


On beef-eating, she said… “People who take it as status symbol to eat beef… I request the Centre to hang them in public. People will then understand that cow protection is our responsibility…”

Stating that Hindus need to save their daughters from “love-jihad”, Saraswati said… “if we do not stock arms, we will be destroyed in future…”

Love-jihad is the alleged act of a Muslim man marrying a young non-Muslim woman for the sole purpose of converting her.

Saraswati added that the biggest challenge for Hindus wasn’t finding new converts but making sure half-hearted Hindus (“seculars”) fully embraced the faith.

Saraswati also said… “first we need to convert a Hindu to Hindu… that is our biggest challenge today… They are in the garb of seculars… these seculars are the first who will be attacked,” she said.

To be sure, the Hindu Janajagriti Samiti group hosting this event is known as a fringe group. You shouldn’t mistake them for mainstream Hindus. A member of this group was even arrested last year in connection with the 2013 assassination of Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, a 67-year-old activist who pushed for an anti-superstition bill that would criminalize “god-men” who took advantage of other people under the guise of religion. The group denied any responsibility.

So there you go: Religious extremists sound very much alike no matter where they’re coming from. They think violence is an acceptable way to achieve their goals. They see outsiders as the enemy, painting targets (metaphorical or not) on the backs of everyone not currently in their group. It’s another reason that calling atheists “extremists” never made any sense.

(Image via Facebook. Thanks to @asapapex for the link)

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