Christian Pastor Leads Bizarre Anti-Impeachment Prayer for Trump June 14, 2017

Christian Pastor Leads Bizarre Anti-Impeachment Prayer for Trump

Donald Trump doesn’t need to worry about the Russia scandal at all. That’s because right-wing Pastor Lance Wallnau prayed away any threat of impeachment during a Periscope stream this week.


[Wallnau] prayed that God will place “confusion upon the enemies of your purposes” and break the “witch hunt” against Trump.

“Tapes, obstruction of justice, impeach; we cut off every word, in Jesus name!” Wallnau bellowed. “Tapes, dissolve away. Obstruction of justice, melt away. Impeachment, bye bye, in Jesus name.”

See? That right there was Bill Clinton‘s problem. He didn’t pray hard enough to avoid impeachment in the House.

And this is what Wallnau is praying about? Avoiding “obstruction of justice” charges? Not for the women who were assaulted by Trump? Not for the people who stand to lose health care because Republicans want to reward rich people with more money? Not for the families being torn apart due to deportations? I guess Wallnau has his priorities.

If and when Trump goes down, someone please remind me of this video. Because I can’t wait to hear Wallnau’s explanation for why his appeals to God didn’t work.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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