Anti-Gay Activist Calls for “Special Investigations” Into LGBT Rights Advocates June 13, 2017

Anti-Gay Activist Calls for “Special Investigations” Into LGBT Rights Advocates

Linda Harvey, an anti-gay activist with the group Mission America, has a long history of saying despicable things. She believes teaching tolerance for LGBTQ people is akin to the “grooming a pedophile does before molesting a child.” She even wrote a book that takes into account absolutely nothing that we know about LGBTQ people and perpetuates her own bigotry. Naturally, she believes she’s on the “right side of history.”

In her latest attempt to roll back time, Harvey said in an audio commentary last week that there ought to be a “special counsel” investigating pro-LGBT rights groups because they’re discriminating against Christians and corrupting kids.


Such groups must be investigated, Harvey said, because they “continue to twist the truth, blatantly engage in religious discrimination, demand that people lose jobs and corrupt children.”

“It’s more than obvious that homosexuality is wrong,” she said. “God has declared it a grave sin and you know it’s not just the sexual aspects of such sin that is the problem; it’s the destructive anti-Christian attitudes that flow out of insisting on this rebellion. This is the rotten fruit of this movement. It seems to poison the heart, mind and spirit.”

“I think we need special investigations into the actions of homosexual advocates at the state and federal level,” Harvey declared.

You would think the God she believes in could handle it in the afterlife… but no, she wants gay people punished in this life. Because that’s what “loving the sinner” looks like to conservative Christians.

I don’t know who would conduct this “special investigation,” but civil rights advocates are guilty of nothing more than asking for LGBTQ people to be treated fairly under the law. No one’s going into Harvey’s church and demanding they stop being bigots. No one’s stopping her from spewing her hate. When Harvey says children are being “corrupted,” she means they’re becoming kinder, more tolerant human beings. And that goes against everything she stands for.

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

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