Jerry Falwell Jr. Says He’ll Be Part of Trump’s New Higher Education Plan June 9, 2017

Jerry Falwell Jr. Says He’ll Be Part of Trump’s New Higher Education Plan

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr., who rejected an offer to be Secretary of Education and was then tapped to lead a “federal task force on higher-ed policy” that never came to fruition, now says he will be a part of a different kind of education initiative for the Trump administration.


POLITICO reported Thursday that the original education reform task force, through which Falwell planned to spread his fundamentalist Christian agenda, was no longer going forward. (That task force was going to help eliminate “overreaching regulation” of universities.)

That same day, he told reporters he would be part of a separate education initiative.

“The White House contacted me last week and asked me to be a part of a group of 15 college presidents to address education issues… This is a White House task force and not a Department of Education task force… [B]ut we haven’t had any substantive discussions on the issues yet.”

Donald Trump’s White House didn’t confirm or deny Falwell’s involvement in higher education reform, but would it really surprise anyone? Trump is good at making ridiculous political appointments, and Falwell certainly qualifies. Trump also generates plenty of attention for his supposed initiatives… even though they rarely go anywhere. (Remember how this is the end of Trump’s big Infrastructure Week? You knew it was Infrastructure Week, right?)

It has also been reported that Falwell, a climate change and evolution denier who censored a student’s newspaper article that was critical of then-candidate Trump, met with the President for a potential slot as Education Secretary. Dr. Ben Carson, also an evolution and climate change denier, was also considered before Trump chose Betsy DeVos. (All three are known for their desire to spread Christianity through the government.)

Let me be clear: Falwell shouldn’t be given a role in developing our nation’s plan to educate the next generation. Not because he’s religious, but because his sole mission is to spread his faith. We don’t need the government creating more schools like Liberty University.

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