Christian Right Activist: “Non-Religious Judges” Have Taken Over the Supreme Court June 9, 2017

Christian Right Activist: “Non-Religious Judges” Have Taken Over the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court currently consists of five Roman Catholics, three Jews, and Neil Gorsuch who grew up Roman Catholic but is likely a Protestant.

We might look at those labels and wonder where the atheists are.

But Christian activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire thinks there aren’t enough Christians. Or at least the right kind of Christians: Evangelicals like himself.


Daubenmire said it is an outrage that “we appoint to the highest judicial offices in the land people who do not share Christian biblical beliefs and then allow them to rule on religious affairs.”

“The coup has already taken place in the United States of America,” he said, “and non-religious judges are now ruling the day.”

First of all, the whole point of being a judge is that you can fairly evaluate situations that may not concern people like you. You don’t need Christians to rule on religious affairs. You only need people who understand constitutional law.

And second, who are these non-religious judges now ruling the day?! Because all nine of them believe in God.

Then, just to hammer home the point about how the current justices aren’t the right religion, he spelled it all out:

“Without Christ, Jews are not going to go to heaven,” he said. “Unsaved Episcopalians are not going to go to heaven, they’re not filled with the Holy Spirit of God. Sorry. Unsaved Catholics, no matter how moral they are, no matter how right they are or how conservative they are on the issues, an unsaved Catholic is not going to go to heaven.”

If this is what persecution looks like, sign me up.

How great would it be if there were so many atheists in Congress that we could complain about the ones who didn’t pray the wrong way?

(via Right Wing Watch)

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