Christian Magazine Publisher: “We Can’t Second Guess” Donald Trump June 8, 2017

Christian Magazine Publisher: “We Can’t Second Guess” Donald Trump

Charisma Magazine publisher Steve Strang says that Donald Trump should not be questioned because he has a lot of pressure on him.

(I’ll give you a minute to search for Strang saying the same thing about President Obama.)

Strang made the comments this week on the Jim Bakker Show. (The video below includes several clips of the damning statement right at the beginning.)


… We need to pray. We need to support our President. We can’t second guess him. He’s got enormous pressure on him. He also has a great talent in being able to overcome all these controversies. But you know that these are attacks. And many of the attacks are spiritual attacks and can only be handled in the spiritual realm, and that’s in prayer. The secular media doesn’t even understand this. And if they’re exposed to it, they just ridicule it and ignore it. But as believers, we know that there’s real power in spiritual authority in prayer. So continue to pray for our government, pray for America, pray for President Trump.

This is more evidence of Christian gullibility under Trump’s presidency. Because he throws the Religious Right a bone every once in a while, they’re happen to overlook or flat-out ignore the actual, myriad scandals taking place every day.

Sure, poor people might lose their health insurance. Sure, the U.S. is hastening the impact of climate change. But at least Christians aren’t being fake-persecuted anymore, amirite?!

Second guessing Trump is precisely what we should be doing since he lies with reckless abandon. He can’t be trusted. And the policies he’s supported enrich himself and make life better for the wealthy. They don’t help all Americans.

You would think a follower of Jesus would question Trump’s incompetence and admit that his gestures (like rescinding the Johnson Amendment) don’t actually carry much weight…

Instead, Strang acts like there’s a Bible verse preaching Trump’s infallibility.

(via Museum of Idolatry)

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