Does Anyone Know God’s Prophetic Word for the Month of June? June 7, 2017

Does Anyone Know God’s Prophetic Word for the Month of June?

There’s an easy way to prove psychics are making everything up. Ask several of them the same basic question, and sit back and wait to hear several completely different answers.

Christian “prophets” work the same way.

The folks at Museum of Idolatry have compiled a long list of Christians who want to tell you what God has in store in the coming weeks. In fact, He even has a special word or phrase associated with June… and it’s so special that all of them think it’s something different.

I wonder why.


This person says the prophetic words are “increase of people“:

Charisma‘s Jennifer LeClaire says it’s “authorized“:

This guy thinks it’s “get ready for visitation“:

This woman believes it’s “Hold on, The Lord is adding finishing touches!“… (or at least that’s what she titled her video):

Or, um, “Happy New Year“:

Or maybe they’re all just talking out of their ass, and God said nothing to them, and they’re making wild assumptions about what God is telling them to look out for in the coming month.

Just a hunch.

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