David Barton: It’s “Fake News” When Critics Quote Me Verbatim and Say I’m Wrong June 6, 2017

David Barton: It’s “Fake News” When Critics Quote Me Verbatim and Say I’m Wrong

Christian pseudo-historian David Barton once wrote a book about Thomas Jefferson that was so full of lies that his Christian publishers pulled the book from the shelves, saying, “There were historical details — matters of fact, not matters of opinion, that were not supported at all.” The book was ironically titled The Jefferson Lies.

Barton also claimed to have an earned doctorate in education… when the truth is he has an honorary doctorate from an unaccredited Christian diploma mill.

Barton has also repeatedly misinterpreted statistics to suit his personal agenda.

The point is: This guy lies all the time. It’s not like he doesn’t know it; his critics always point it out.

And yet he clings to this idea that he’s just being persecuted for his religion.

Recently, on a radio show called “Educate For Life with Kevin Conover,” Barton called all this criticism “fake news”:


“Because of what I do, I’m a target for the left, big time,” Barton said. “They say, ‘Oh, you make up your history.’ Did anybody point out that I own 100,000 original documents and I’m simply holding the original? Do you think I forged George Washington’s letter?”

“I get all these hit articles all the time coming out on me,” he continued. “A real journalist will always call the subject and say, ‘Hey, what is your take on this?’ Well, they don’t do that any more today, they [just say], ‘I found all these articles about you online and this is news.’ No, that’s fake news, that’s exactly what fake news is.

I own a lot of math textbooks. That doesn’t make me an expert mathematician. Just because Barton has original documents doesn’t mean he knows how to interpret them, and experts have routinely said his interpretations are fatally flawed.

Furthermore, critics don’t need to call Barton up when all they’re doing is quoting him verbatim. We don’t need his “take” because we already have it. And it’s wrong.

The “fake news” Barton is referring to, then, are his own words.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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