Podcast Ep. 166: Evangelicals Don’t Care Unless It Affects Them Personally June 3, 2017

Podcast Ep. 166: Evangelicals Don’t Care Unless It Affects Them Personally

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism. (We also have a new Patreon page!)


We discussed:

Donald Trump‘s irresponsible decision to back out of the Paris climate agreement, and the conservatives who don’t care because of Jesus.

— Trump’s decision to allow religious employers, then all employers, to block birth control coverage for their employees.

— The evangelical women who use Planned Parenthood.

The Keepers on Netflix. Watch it.

— Australian tennis star Margaret Court‘s anti-gay Christian bigotry, and whether the Margaret Court Arena should change its name.

— How Brio, a magazine for Christian girls, wants them to cover up so they don’t tempt boys.

— The all-women screening of Wonder Woman and the people who get all worked up about it.

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