Florida Police Department Warned After Sharing Article About God Creating Cops June 3, 2017

Florida Police Department Warned After Sharing Article About God Creating Cops

For some reason, the Cape Coral Police Department in Florida thought it would be wise to share this article on Facebook last month.


The essay, titled, “When God Created Police Officers,” references the Book of Genesis and suggests God created cops. While it’s not outright proselytizing, it’s the sort of overstep that suggests this department might not know when the line is crossed, so the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to Police Chief David Newlan on Thursday reminding him of the rules.

The story on CCPD’s Facebook page is not legally different than if the department posted a bible verse or placed on on display, which would be impermissible… Promulgating an adaptation of the book of Genesis will create the same government pressure as sharing bible verses.

FFRF asked them to remove the post and “avoid promoting religion in future social media posts.” No lawsuit. Just confirmation that they know what the rules are. The city hasn’t responded yet.

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