Creationist Ken Ham Doesn’t Get Ben & Jerry’s Clever Ice Cream Policy in Australia June 3, 2017

Creationist Ken Ham Doesn’t Get Ben & Jerry’s Clever Ice Cream Policy in Australia

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream stores in Australia, doing their part to support the nation’s push for marriage equality, announced last week that they would not sell customers two scoops of the same flavor (Get it?) as a way to highlight the bigotry against same-sex couples. (Also, free advertising.)

If there’s an argument against the campaign, it’s that the company is playing the role of the anti-gay side, by denying people their two identical scoops, and that’s an odd choice. It might have been better to give everyone two scoops of the same flavor for the price of one, etc. Whatever. Try not to think too hard about it. We all get what they’re doing.

Well, almost all of us.

Australian native and Creationist Ken Ham is clearly confused by the campaign. He just knows he hates it because it supports the side of marriage equality.

Check out these tweets made earlier today:


So shouldn’t they be banning different flavor scoops to further their Gay agenda?

Imagine if a Christian business banned same flavor scoops as a statement against gay marriage? They would be sued

That’s… not how any of this works.

LGBT rights advocates don’t want to ban straight marriage. That’s why they’re pushing for marriage equality. This isn’t a zero-sum game where only one group gets marriage and the other side loses, and no gay group has ever tried to stop straight people from marrying. Everyone can be happy.

Unless you’re Ken Ham and smiling gay people are your kryptonite.

(There is an argument to be made for getting the government out of the marriage business altogether, but that would apply to all groups equally.)

And no one’s banning anything. Not even Ben & Jerry’s. The company is making a statement. If you want two scoops, just get two separate orders. They’re not going to reject your money.

Ham’s comments prove he has no clue what’s going on. He just knows he has to dial up the outrage for his Christian followers.

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