Christian Pastor Blames Evolution for a White Student’s Alleged Murder of a Black Student June 3, 2017

Christian Pastor Blames Evolution for a White Student’s Alleged Murder of a Black Student

A couple of weeks ago, a white 22-year-old named Sean Christopher Urbanski was accused of fatally stabbing 23-year-old Richard Collins III, an Army Lt., who was black. The incident took place on the University of Maryland’s campus, which Urbanski attended.

Urbanski’s membership in an alt-right Facebook group has led many to believe this was a racially motivated hate crime, though he hasn’t been charged with that yet.

No need to think too much about the reason, though, because the Institute on the Constitution’s David Whitney knows why it happened. He explained in a sermon at Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church that the motivation was — wait for it — the teaching of evolution.


“As in all public schools, evolution is inculcated and it teaches that there is no Creator God and that everything in the universe came into existence by chance and mistake, accident and is wholly without purpose and without meaning of any kind,” Whitney preached. “[Urbanski] was taught that mankind, including himself, was nothing more than a long compilation of mistakes and mutations and chance occurrences.”

“We should not be surprised then if Sean, with that background and education, concluded that life is meaningless, without any purpose at all,” he continued. “Or, if there is a purpose in life, it would be to advance and further the process of evolution; a process in which the strong destroy the weak and indeed, ultimately, that is the purpose for existence. Survival of the fittest therefore has some rather dastardly consequences which we see in the murder committed by a secular humanist of a Christian young man.

Evolution is also the basis of racism, [and] many assert that racism played a role in the motivation for this murder,” Whitney said. “You see, evolution is essentially racist. So where did Sean Urbanski learn racism? He learned it in his classes on evolution at the local public high school that his parents sent him to and his parents funded that school by the payment of their property taxes.”

That’s… not how evolution works. It’s an explanation, not an excuse. It doesn’t mean members of a species just kill each other for the sake of it — or that a murder alters the course of how the process works. (Hell, you could make a compelling argument for why evolution “promotes” altruism and working together, too.)

Furthermore, Whitney never bothers to explain why the rest of us who understand and accept evolution aren’t running around killing everyone else — or why there are so many Christians in jail. It’s almost like there’s more to an accused murderer’s mindset that a class he took in high school…

But that sort of nuance is too complicated for this guy. It’s so much easier to blame anything and everything else for a crime — as long as you’re not implicated in it.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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