Man Dies From Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Going Swimming With New Christian Tattoos June 2, 2017

Man Dies From Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Going Swimming With New Christian Tattoos

A 31-year-old man who got tattoos of a crucifix and praying hands died in the worst possible way.

He ignored warnings to wait at least two weeks before going swimming and took a dip in the Gulf of Mexico five days after getting inked. That’s when the flesh-eating bacteria came…

Way to protect him, Jesus.

All of this is described in a new article in the British Medical Journal. (And summarized everywhere else.)

He was admitted to hospital, by which time his leg had turned purple.

Doctors immediately suspected the vibrio vulnificus bug and the patient’s cirrhosis of the liver, from years of heavy drinking, made him more susceptible to the infection.

Within 24 hours of his admission, the man was on a life-support machine after suffering organ failure.

He battled septic shock, triggered as the infection starts a devastating immune response which sees the body attack its own organs.

It didn’t end well. I’ll spare you the “after” pictures.

Word to the wise: God won’t protect you from your own idiocy. It’s not like they tattooed his ears and eyes shut. He ignored the rules and paid the ultimate price for it. I’m sure Jesus can relate.

(Thanks to Charles for the link)

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