Creationist Ken Ham: “I’m Not a White Person” June 2, 2017

Creationist Ken Ham: “I’m Not a White Person”

Creationist Ken Ham is literally a white guy who says he doesn’t see race. (He’s like the Stephen Colbert joke come to life.)

It’s not that he’s claiming to be the polar opposite of whatever Rachel Dolezal is. Earlier today, he held up a white piece of paper (I can only assume that’s for the Photoshop enthusiasts) and said it was racist to use words like “black” and “white” when talking about skin color.


I’m not a white person & there are no black people.Using terms like ‘white’ & ‘black’ promotes division, racism & prejudice–all are brown

As a [hold on… double checking…] brown person, I think I’m allowed to say I’m more offended by people who claim race doesn’t exist than by people who use those terms in an innocuous way.

It’s very easy for someone in the racial majority like Ham to say racism isn’t a thing because he thinks we all descended from Adam a few thousand years ago when he doesn’t have to grapple with the effects of racism on a regular basis.

That’s not to say Ham is racist. But ignoring race doesn’t help anybody. (And all of this is a far cry from the shirts worn by Richard Dawkins and other science enthusiasts that say, partly tongue-in-cheek, “we are all Africans” since that’s where our ancient ancestors lived.)

He went on to make the (ignorant) claim that treating everyone as if we’re the same race is the solution — literally the solution — to racism.

There you go, protesters at Evergreen State. And Ferguson. (And everywhere else, for that matter.) If you would just understand you’re not black, all your problems would be solved.

I will say that it was very nice of Ham to hold up that piece of paper in the original tweet listing all his evidence in defense of Creationism. He didn’t have to make it that easy for us.

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