Black Christian Radio Host Calls Trump “White Savior,” Praises “White Power” June 1, 2017

Black Christian Radio Host Calls Trump “White Savior,” Praises “White Power”

Conservative Christian radio host and Tea Party advocate Jesse Lee Peterson, who is himself black, recently called Donald Trump a “white savior” and said he loves the “white power” emanating from our current President.


Peterson, who has previously implied atheists shouldn’t be able to run for office and said last month that divorced people who remarry “do not love their children,” was praising Trump on his radio show (around the 7:40 mark). He said that, with President Obama, it “looked like God had given up on us.”

Speaking of Trump’s odd behavior at the NATO summit, where it appeared the President pushed the Prime Minister of Montenegro out of the way so that he could stand in front, Peterson said:

He goes overseas and those little weak ones try to get in front of him during a photo shoot, he pushed them out of the way. Obama would have stood behind in the back… White power. White power! I’m loving it. I love good. I love the light and it doesn’t matter the color of the person that the light is coming from, I love it. I rejoice when I see men and women stand up with the love of God operating through them, overcoming evil.

While the Prime Minister said he wasn’t personally offended, I don’t understand how any dogmatic Christian could encourage this type of behavior. Jesus said the meek — not bullies — shall inherit the earth.

Peterson is prone to making ludicrous statements, and this isn’t even the first time the conservative host has referred to Trump as the “white savior” for African Americans. This time, however, he seemed to take his controversial comments to a new level.

“I’m not an African American,” Peterson says during the intro to his radio show. “I don’t have an afro; I have an Amerifro… black as the ace of spades but 100 percent American.”

Peterson’s rant — or show, as he calls it — continued downhill from that point. He began with sexist propaganda about how women mistreat men in America, with vague references to “rebuilding the family,” before addressing race and Trump.

Isn’t it beautiful to see white men and women finally standing up?… It’s so refreshing, because if white people give up completely, it’s over for the country. It’s the whites who make things happen. Blacks and Mexicans don’t make things happen. They don’t! One or two might slip in there…

Peterson then went on a racist tangent about the good old days when East Los Angeles didn’t “look like Mexico” before taking some calls.

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

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