Russian Orthodox Leader: Gay Marriage Advocates, Like Nazis, Promote Immoral Laws May 30, 2017

Russian Orthodox Leader: Gay Marriage Advocates, Like Nazis, Promote Immoral Laws

The Russian Orthodox Church’s Patriarch Kirill, last seen spraying holy water on computers to rid them of a virus, says that laws not based on a moral standard could lead to a Nazi-like regime.

But his comments weren’t a response to the authoritarianism of Vladimir Putin or the Russian crackdown on journalists or the nation’s efforts to hack U.S. elections.

He was referring to gay marriage.


The Patriarch said “so-called homosexual marriages” were a threat to families and added that “when laws are detached from morality they cease being laws people can accept.” This he said was similar to the laws in Nazi Germany.

He made similar comments in November, calling gay marriage a threat to humanity and comparing it to “Soviet Totalitarianism.” In 2013, he said gay marriage was a “sign of the apocalypse.” And just last year, he blamed ISIS on the rise of secularism and gay pride parades.

In a way, his rhetoric is a lot like Donald Trump, in that he’s guilty of the very things he accuses his opponents of doing. Chechnya is torturing gay men under the watchful eye of Putin? Kirill ignores that and blames gay men for ruining things. Activists say Russia is no longer governed by the rule of law? Blame gay men for creating a lawless society.

No reasonable person can blame LGBT rights for the problems in Russia right now. It’s not surprising that a conservative religious leader is providing cover for the despicable things the government is doing. It’s exactly what we’re seeing in the U.S.

(via TIME. Image via Shutterstock)

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