Science Advocates Will Protest Outside Ark Encounter On Its First Anniversary May 25, 2017

Science Advocates Will Protest Outside Ark Encounter On Its First Anniversary

When Ark Encounter celebrates its first anniversary this July, atheists and other science advocates will be on hand to protest. And they’re bringing along the same sign that was rejected by billboard companies last year.

You might recall the peaceful protest that took place last year near the highway ramp en route to the giant ship. It was the first thing many visitors saw as they made their way to Ken Ham‘s park.

Organizers also tried paying for a version of this billboard:


(You can see a high resolution version of it here. Look closely and you might spot a familiar face!)

Unfortunately, the sign for “Genocide and Incest Park” was rejected by advertisers. An alternative version of the billboard, with a giant “censored” sticker over the main words, didn’t work either. So the organizers eventually just made their own banner and hoisted it at eye-level.


Point made, even if it wasn’t the splashy appearance they wanted.

The Tri-State Freethinkers are planning to bring that sign back for the repeat protest on Saturday, July 8.

“Their mission is anti-science, the story is immoral, and they practice discriminatory hiring practices while receiving up to $18M in state tax incentives. We are making a stand for equal rights, science, and the separation of church and state” said Jim G. Helton, President of the Tri-State Freethinkers.

Why protest? It’s not, as some critics might say, to complain about the Ark’s existence. Ken Ham has every right to build his ship and try to perpetuate his beliefs. But there are legitimate reasons to complain:

They have discriminatory hiring practices. No LGBTQ, no Atheists, no Catholics, no Jews.

They make you sign a vow of chastity if you are single.

It is anti-science: They claim the earth is 6,000 years old, the grand canyon was formed in 40 days, and that genocide and incest are okay.

Separation of Church & State: They will receive up to 18 million in state tax incentives, while maintaining their status to discriminate.

Maybe they’ll be joined by local business owners who have seen their companies suffer since the Ark’s opening.

Anyone in the area who wants to attend the event can find more information right here. Given what we’ve heard about the attraction’s attendance numbers, there may well be more people at the protest than in the Ark.

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