Conservative Host: Even Peaceful Muslims “Need To Be Eradicated” After Manchester Attack May 25, 2017

Conservative Host: Even Peaceful Muslims “Need To Be Eradicated” After Manchester Attack

Following the terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester the other night, it’s natural that people would criticize Islamic extremism. The suicide bomber, we now know, was radicalized, though there’s a question of how much direct involvement ISIS had with this incident.

So we should absolutely talk about the role Islamic beliefs and religious extremism played in this attack.

But right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein took it much, much further than that. He wants a complete genocide of all Muslims. Even, he says, the “peaceful” ones.


“These people cannot live amongst us, they cannot assimilate with us,” he said. “These people come in, they have more children than the native people in their countries and they literally take over these countries.”

“These people need to be eradicated from Western Europe, they need to be eradicated from the United States, they need to be eradicated, I would say, pretty much from everywhere,” Bernstein declared, “because they have shown time and time again — whether you’re a peaceful Muslim, whether you’re a radical Muslim — you’ve shown time and time again that you just cannot deal and cope with being in a civilized society. So we’ve got to do something about it.”

I understand the desire to push back against radical Islamic extremism… but people you’re describing as “peaceful”? You’re literally admitting they’re not part of the problem. Those Muslims condemn these attacks as much as the rest of us. In their mind, the suicide bomber hijacked their faith rather than following the proper interpretation of it.

Even if you don’t buy that explanation, why get rid of them? They’re the best hope we have for convincing the radicals to turn away from extremism.

Imagine for a moment if a Muslim — a random, no-name Muslim — said something similar after a Christian murdered an abortion doctor. Sean Hannity would clear his schedule for the next month so he could talk about the obvious Sharia takeover and how Christians are being persecuted. But when Bernstein does it? Crickets.

Though that might just be the sound coming out of his mother’s basement.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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