Psychic Who “Speaks” to Unborn Babies Gets Glowing Coverage on Houston “News” Channel May 24, 2017

Psychic Who “Speaks” to Unborn Babies Gets Glowing Coverage on Houston “News” Channel

One of the (many) problems with psychics is that, when making predictions, their clients might realize they’re being lied to. Maybe a prediction doesn’t pan out, or they know the information is wrong to begin with.

Kim O’Neill figured out a way to avoid that problem. She markets herself as a psychic who speaks to unborn babies.


“I present things exactly as I hear it,” O’Neill said. “They are souls just like if I was going to communicate with someone’s departed loved ones.”

O’Neill said she helps her clients tune in to the spirits of their unborn children.

She writes “I’ve had souls tell me that they had waited hundreds of years for a particular birth mother.”

“We choose our parents because of what they represent. The learning experiences we can enjoy living there,” O’Neill said.

She said that souls also choose to be born in bad environments too. O’Neill said what they will learn along the way will be critical to fulfilling their destinies.

For $225 for a 30-minute private session, O’Neill will tell you whatever the hell you want to hear. Because unborn babies aren’t going to deny anything she says.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this whole piece is that Houston’s ABC13 affiliate ran it as if O’Neill submitted a press release. There’s no accountability and no mention of how there’s no evidence whatsoever that she has any special powers. Just a gullible client who says O’Neill’s predictions “came true.” Whatever that means.

Don’t worry, though. ABC13 made sure to include steps so you can speak with the cells yourself. It includes these incredible steps:

STEP 4 — Open the floor: Tell your unborn child you are ready to communicate, say hello and ask what they would like to talk about.

STEP 5 — Start a journal: Write down what your baby is telling you. Then try to tune in to the voice that’s coming through in your head.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here…

Babies can’t talk. If you follow these steps, you’re literally talking to yourself. There’s no communication going on. Just take care of your damn baby during pregnancy and after birth and stop worry about its “destiny.”

Why the hell can’t a news channel actually inform their viewers that way instead of making them dumber? Reporter Foti Kallergis is doing a disservice to journalism and wasting everyone’s time by acting like O’Neill is anything but a fraud no matter how good she might make some pregnant women feel.

(via The Morning Heresy)

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