Pastor Lance Wallnau: God Helped Trump Get Elected, So He Won’t Let Trump Be Impeached May 23, 2017

Pastor Lance Wallnau: God Helped Trump Get Elected, So He Won’t Let Trump Be Impeached

Right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau, who has said Donald Trump is protecting us from the Antichrist and that the Oscars Best Picture debacle was God’s way of making Trump’s critics look foolish, is still defending the indefensible.

And this time, he has a fancy chart.

His latest argument is that God wanted Trump to win the Presidency, therefore God would never let Trump be impeached.


“People are crazy in this country,” Wallnau said. “They’re going to try to impeach Donald Trump and I even predicted that; the effort’s going to begin from day one, from the pink hats to the foil hats to the crazy Berkeley activity … This man didn’t have a miracle getting him into office only to have him removed by what’s happening right now, so the quick word for you is he’s not going to be going anywhere.

He then told conservative Christians to call their elected representatives to voice their support for Trump.

Because God’s Chosen One can’t succeed unless your relatives pick up the phone.

You have to wonder how long Wallnau and his ilk will keep up this charade. What does Trump have to do to lose the support of evangelicals? If bragging about sexual assault, possible criminal actions and collusion with the Russian government, and being completely incompetent at his job haven’t done the trick, then I doubt anything will. In which case I’m happy to see Trump drag conservatives down with him.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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