Christian Extremist: The Manchester Victims Were “Sluts,” “Whores,” and Sodomy Lovers May 23, 2017

Christian Extremist: The Manchester Victims Were “Sluts,” “Whores,” and Sodomy Lovers

Whenever there’s a tragedy, you can count on Christian extremists to explain how it’s a part of God’s plan, that it was somehow deserved due to some sin or another. And the reactions to last night’s attack in Manchester are only beginning to come out.

Christian activist Theodore Shoebat has frequently called for the death of people he disagrees with (Tomi Lahren, Hillary Clinton, all LGBT people, etc), and he’s already chimed in on this tragedy with his biblical wisdom.

This time, he says he feels no sympathy for the 22 people who died because they were “sluts” and “pro-sodomite.” (I guess, in his mind, that somehow includes the eight-year-old who was killed.)


“I really have no sympathy for these people,” he said. “The people who died, the people who were injured, the people who were scared out of their minds, who ran away [screaming], I really don’t care. The types of people who go to these concerts are the same types of people who are responsible for the degeneracy that you see in society.”

“They go to these concerts dressed up as whores, dressed up as sluts, they’re pro-sodomite, they’re pro-divorce, they’re pro-infidelity,” Shoebat said. “They want evil, they want decay, they want sodomy, they want Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Shoebat then showed photos of “some sodomite lover” who was injured in the bombing as he declared that Ariana Grande “is a nasty, evil woman.”

Or — and hear me out here — maybe they just wanted to have a good time at a concert with their friends and family members.

His response is no different from what some Christian pastors said after the Pulse nightclub massacre.

Shoebat isn’t representative of all Christians, obviously, but his warped sense of morality is based on his interpretation of the Bible. He thinks it’s literal and infallible, and far too many Christians agree on those points, even if they don’t agree with his conclusions. Which means Shoebat will keep making awful statements like these.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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