Podcast Ep. 163: Maggie Rowe, Actress and Author of Sin Bravely May 22, 2017

Podcast Ep. 163: Maggie Rowe, Actress and Author of Sin Bravely

In our latest podcast — a bonus episode! — I spoke with actress Maggie Rowe, author of the book Sin Bravely: A Memoir of Spiritual Disobedience.


Rowe grew up as an evangelical Christian in the suburbs of Chicago. And for reasons we’ll get into, when she was 19, she landed in a Christian mental health center where she spent three months. While parts of that experience were disturbing, some of it actually helped her eventually walk away from Christianity. She’s now a comedy writer who has worked on the show Arrested Development and currently works on Netflix’s Flaked.

I spoke with her about the “spiritual terrorism” of teaching kids about Hell, what someone with a Christian upbringing notices in a comedy writers’ room, and how long it took to finally overcome her faith-based guilt.

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