Nothing To See Here. Just a Pastor Chatting With God Over the Phone. May 22, 2017

Nothing To See Here. Just a Pastor Chatting With God Over the Phone.

There are self-proclaimed “psychics” like John Edward and James Van Praagh who claim to have the ability to speak with the dead. They can relay information to anyone… for the right price. It’s all a trick, of course. We know how cold readings work.

Pastor Paul Sanyangore, of Victory World International Ministries Church in Zimbabwe, takes that game to another level in the video below.

He says he’s literally talking to God over the phone. (Even though it doesn’t look like the phone is on…)


In the video, Sanyangore is seen marching to the front of the stage with a woman dressed in a white dress, kneeling down, with both her hands in the air.

“Hello‚ is this heaven? I have a woman here‚ what do you have to say about her?” the pastor asks on his cellphone.

Every time the pastor tosses out a random generic question — “Why is it He’s showing me a hat?” — and the woman responds with any kind of answer (as if God really knows something secret about her), the crowd erupts in applause.

But I’m left with so many questions…

  • Did he call God or did God call him?
  • Couldn’t he put God on speaker?
  • Did anyone think to look at the Caller ID?!
  • Is this a long distance call? (What are the roaming charges?)
  • What does God’s voice sound like?
  • Why couldn’t the woman speak with God directly?
  • Is it possible the woman gave up this information to one of the pastor’s assistants ahead of time without realizing it and the pastor is now using those details to convince people to keep handing over their money? Because that’s how the game is often played.

Incidentally, while this clip is going viral today, it comes from a longer video that was uploaded back in March. This segment appears in the first minute.

This pastor has a history of scamming people into thinking he has special powers. In 2015, he “killed” four members of his congregation before miraculously bringing them back to life. No one ever figured out how he pulled that one off…

Not that it matters. I’m sure if you just give him some cash, the magic will keep happening!

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