Franklin Graham: Notre Dame Should Rip Up the Diplomas of Students Who Protested Mike Pence May 22, 2017

Franklin Graham: Notre Dame Should Rip Up the Diplomas of Students Who Protested Mike Pence

Evangelist Franklin Graham, who loves the Bible so much that he never got around to reading the First Amendment of the Constitution, says that the Notre Dame students who walked out on Mike Pence during his commencement address should have their diplomas ripped up.

Because how dare they disrespect a man who career was built on the backs of minority groups he disrespected?


Just rip them up! Maybe that’s what the president of University of Notre Dame should have done to the diplomas of the students who so rudely got up and walked out of commencement as the Vice President was speaking this weekend. These young people must not have been taught the meaning of respect. They knew well in advance who was going to be speaking at their commencement; and if they didn’t like it, they shouldn’t have come. The New York Times says many of those who walked out were wearing their LGBT rainbow or flag pins in protest. To get up and walk out on the Vice President of the United States of America, who was gracious enough to come speak at their graduation, that’s just insolent! Maybe they need to take another class before they graduate — one on civility and respect. What do you think?

Those students protested, in part, because of the way Pence permitted discrimination of LGBT people during his time as Governor of Indiana. They stood up for people who were being oppressed by those in power. Graham wouldn’t understand that since that’s the sort of thing Jesus would do.

Meanwhile, Pence continues to provide cover for a President who routinely acts like he’s above the law and has already tried to discriminate against minority faiths.

As for respect, Franklin Graham was one of many conservatives who perpetuated the lies that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the country and wasn’t a true Christian by not dismissing those rumors outright. He had the chance. And all he said was that Obama said otherwise, as if these weren’t really settled issues.

And if anyone can find evidence of Graham urging Notre Dame to rip up the diplomas of students who protested when Obama spoke at graduation in 2009, let me know. Because I sure as hell can’t find it.

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