Pastor Mocks Those Who Want to Impeach Donald Trump, Ignoring the Possible Repercussions May 20, 2017

Pastor Mocks Those Who Want to Impeach Donald Trump, Ignoring the Possible Repercussions

Pastor Greg Locke, who was thoroughly embarrassed trying to get everyone worked up against Planned Parenthood, still isn’t done showing the world how little he knows.

This time, in true Christian Vertical Video fashion, he went on a rant about why all those liberals talking about impeaching Donald Trump have no idea what’s in store.


His main point is that even if liberals successfully got rid of Trump — which he says won’t happen — it’s still a win for Christians because they’d get President Mike Pence. “We’re in a win-win situation,” he says.

You know what? He’s right on both counts.

Even if all the ducks were in a row to impeach Trump, and a majority of House members voted to do it, two-thirds of the Senate would have to agree. Does anyone think there are that many Republicans willing to put patriotism ahead of party loyalty? Not a chance. Even after the 2018 midterms.

And if Mike Pence were President, it’s true that conservatives would get even more of what they want. Imagine someone beloved by the Religious Right who actually knows how politics works. It’d be a disaster for people who support progressive policies including church/state separation. Plus, I’m pretty sure Mother wouldn’t let Pence tweet in the middle of the night.

So Greg Locke has every right to gloat about all that.

But here’s what he doesn’t understand: Impeachment might be nice for the sake of history — we didn’t allow a narcissistic madman to get away with it!) — but the real reason we should appreciate all the incredible recent reporting against Trump is because it’s an albatross around the necks of so many Republicans who continue to defend Trump no matter what he does.

Whatever happens to Trump, the hope is that he drags the entire GOP down with him. And that would include Pence, who continues to lie on behalf of his boss.

The longer Trump’s controversies remain in the news, and the lower his popularity ratings go, the more hope we have that the Republican majorities in Congress go out the window before long — and hopefully for good.

Even a President Pence, with his inevitable push for Christian Right anti-gay policies, would create the kind of anti-religious backlash we saw a decade ago under George W. Bush. I have no doubt there would be a subsequent spike in the percentage of people without religion. As people realize what happens when Christians get power, they’re likely to want nothing to do with the faith.

My favorite part of Locke’s video, though, is how he celebrates a potential President Pence…

… Mike Pence is way more pro-life. Mike Pence is way more pro-traditional marriage… Mike Pence: He thoroughly knows the Word of God like an in-depth theologian.

… even though, just seconds earlier, he talked about how he would never elevate a President like that.

… Donald Trump is not my Savior. He’s my President. I don’t put all my eggs in the basket of a man. I trust in Jesus Christ and the authority of His Word.

Again, Pence may very well get caught up in all this Trump stuff, making all of this moot, but even if he floated above all the Trump drama, his success at President would depend on a Republican majority in the House and Senate, and Trump is doing everything in his power to make sure they lose that majority soon. Locke also says a Pence presidency would “Make America Godly Again,” forgetting that Pence would also be bound by our laws and couldn’t just turn our nation into a Christian theocracy any more than Trump can ban Muslims from entering the U.S.

If and when Trump goes down, let’s hope he takes the reputation of evangelical Christians down with him. If Trump’s done anything useful for this country, it’s that he laid bare just how meaningless all that rhetoric about “family values” was from the Religious Right. They didn’t care about his multiple marriages, they didn’t care that he bragged about sexually assaulting women, they didn’t care about his narcissism, and they didn’t care about his blatant pandering to Christians even though he clearly doesn’t have room for God in his daily schedule.

Atheists have been calling evangelicals out on their hypocrisy for decades. Trump is making that point obvious to everyone. He’s aided by people like Greg Locke, who brush aside all the real concerns about his Presidency (not to mention the never ending stream of obvious lies). None of that stuff matters as long as fetuses get more rights than women.

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