NC Church Sign Condemns “19 Muslim Immigrants” Who Killed Thousands of Americans on 9/11 May 20, 2017

NC Church Sign Condemns “19 Muslim Immigrants” Who Killed Thousands of Americans on 9/11

Lakeside Fellowship Presbyterian Church in Mooresville, North Carolina gave up on that whole “love your neighbor” idea with its latest sign.


19 Muslim Immigrants
killed 2977 Americans
Sept. 11, 2001

There are more than a million Muslim immigrants in the U.S. who didn’t do that, would never do that, and condemn the people who did it.

Where’s that sign?

And what about one pointing out the 3,900 Muslims in our military fighting to save American lives?

Or one taking a cue from Jesus and accepting refugees who are trying to escape murderous regimes and need our help?

And where’s the mention of all the Christians who have abused kids or committed acts of violence against others?

It’s absurd to cite the horrible actions of a few people as fairly representative of everyone in that group. Not all Christians are like the people in Westboro Baptist Church. Not all Christians are like the murderers who shoot abortion doctors. But all Muslims are alike — in the worst possible way — to the people in this church.

[Pastor Joseph] Alghrary did not return an Observer phone call seeking comment. In the meantime, Lakeside’s website makes no apologies. “Finally, a church that preaches the whole counsel of God’s word without compromise,” it reads.

In an online tab entitled “About our Signs,” Lakeside describes itself as a “Bible believing church” that tries to abide by scriptures and the commands of Christ.

“We don’t hate anyone. We do want to speak the Truth, and feel that very few are willing to do so in this age of political correctness,” the web page says. “Don’t fall prey to the hypocrisy of being prejudiced against those who you think are prejudiced nor intolerant of those who you think are intolerant.”

If a mosque had a sign saying something equally awful about Christians, you’d hear about it non-stop on Fox News as an example of extreme rhetoric and Christian persecution.

But it’s okay when Christians do it to other people, right?

(Thanks to Malinda for the link)

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