Televangelist Jim Bakker: Donald Trump’s Critics Have Initiated the Apocalypse May 17, 2017

Televangelist Jim Bakker: Donald Trump’s Critics Have Initiated the Apocalypse

When the Apocalypse occurs, you better feel really really bad about yourselves, liberal readers. According to television Jim Bakker, all of you with your criticisms of Donald Trump are triggering the end of the world and creating a pathway for “the spirit of Antichrist” to rise up.

He made the remarks last week on the show Revelation in the News, which, let’s face it, is probably a very short program unless someone is being blamed for the Apocalypse.


“They want to kill our president, President Trump, with words,” he said. “They want to assassinate his person.”

Bakker claimed that “the devil is trying to cut out the voice of the church” and that “they’re eliminating anyone that is pro-Trump from every broadcast; soon, very soon, the only conservatives will be on Christian television and then we’re the next target — write it down!”

“They hate Trump,” he said. “What is this? This is not a normal spirit. This is not a normal hate. This is that spirit of the First Horse of the Apocalypse, which is riding now. It’s the spirit of hatred that’s taking over America and life and death is in the power of the tongue.

A few things…

— No one’s killing the President with “words,” unless they’re repeating back the things Trump has already said. Trump is his own worst enemy.

— Pro-Trump voices (or at least very conservative voices) are everywhere in the media. Not just on Fox News, but on CNN (to the frustration of many), MSNBC, and even reputable newspapers.

— Bakker’s proof that people are coming after conservatives is the cancellation with Tim Allen‘s show Last Man Standing. Because Allen is conservative. But the show’s cancellation had nothing to do with Allen’s politics. If the show was making money for the network, you can bet they would’ve kept it on the air.

— Why would I write it down? You’re on a TV show and this clip is on YouTube.

— “Hate” isn’t the issue with Trump. More like “concern” and “embarrassment” and “Oh, sweet Jesus, what has he done now?”

The most surprising thing about the clip is that Bakker didn’t suggest what he surely thinks is the only cure for Apocalypse: A giant bucket of food. That’s his solution to everything.

Incidentally, Christian conservatives blamed President Obama for starting the Apocalypse, too. I wish they would just make up their mind… or admit they’re making this all up.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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