This Video of a Two-Year-Old Girl Crying Out for Jesus Is Not “Adorable” May 16, 2017

This Video of a Two-Year-Old Girl Crying Out for Jesus Is Not “Adorable”

If a baby girl said “Allahu Akbar,” or a little boy said “God isn’t real,” people wouldn’t hesitate to call that “brainwashing.”

But when two-year-old Ella Grace Pierce cries because Jesus loves her soooooo much, and she just wants Him to come back, people seem to think it’s adorable.


“Why are you crying?” [mother] Emily [Bannard] asks her.

The little girl looks back and forth before answering, “Jesus.”

“What about Jesus?” Emily asks.

Ella Grace, still crying, says, “‘Cause Jesus … Jesus loves me.”

Emily laughs a bit and again asks her daughter, “So why are you crying?”

“I want Jesus to come,” Ella Grace replies as she turns her head to the side, still crying.

Look, kids are going to repeat what their parents say, so I wouldn’t mock Ella Grace. Her mom is raising her as a Christian, and that’s not unusual either.

But what the hell is going on with the commenters acting like this is some incredible display of faith and not just mindless regurgitation?


If only they could be as blindly obedient as a child who’s still working on that whole potty training thing.

I have a child who’s almost two. You know what that means? I can get her to say anything. It’s entertaining. It’s a power no one should ever give me. It also means she doesn’t need to be praised for original thought when I know she’s just repeating things I’ve said around her. Save the applause for when she does something truly impressive. Like keeping all her food within a three-foot radius during dinner.

If Ella Grace is the hallmark of a good Christian child, that tells me everything I need to know about the faith. It’s not one worth taking seriously, because even a child who can barely think for herself is treated like an ideal follower of Christ.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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