Conservative Christians Are Flipping Out Over “Human Embryo Jewelry” May 16, 2017

Conservative Christians Are Flipping Out Over “Human Embryo Jewelry”

Creationist Ken Ham, whose Ark Encounter is a theme park honoring a godly act of genocide, can’t believe that people are “wearing their dead children as ornaments.”


The reference has nothing to do with dead children (of course). The article he links to is about an Australian company that actually performs a fascinating service.

When couples decide to go through the process of in vitro fertilization, they may end up with extra embryos that can’t always be donated (for lack of space) or preserved (for lack of money). So they would normally go in the trash. Enter Baby Bee Hummingbirds, which cremates those embryos before putting them inside jewelry — just as some people do with the ashes of their parents. Hell, the “pro-life” crowd should be delighted by this.

“We are experts in preserving DNA so that it can be set in a jeweller’s grade resin,” [founder Amy McGlade] said.

“It’s special because the embryos often signifying the end of a journey, and we are providing a beautiful and meaningful way to gently close the door.

“Reactions from families who understand the journey are amazing and heartfelt. “They are so grateful for our service.

To state the obvious: These aren’t babies any more than an egg is a chicken. The jewelry is just a way for parents to honor what they went through to create a child.

The article Ken Ham links to, at Desiring God, ignores all that nuance. Instead, the writer claims the company is “making trinkets out of discarded children” — as if they’re six years old — and using as proof the fact that a journalist covering the company referred to the embryos as “babies.”

Ham, like most conservative Christians, just can’t handle women making their own decisions about their bodies.

Meanwhile, Christians often wear a symbol of torture around their necks to honor their God, but Ham never has a problem with that. That’s perfectly normal behavior, right?

(Image via Facebook. Thanks to Dan for the link)

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