Candidate for Bristol (VA) Sheriff Says, If Elected, He’ll Put “In God We Trust” On All Dept. Cars May 14, 2017

Candidate for Bristol (VA) Sheriff Says, If Elected, He’ll Put “In God We Trust” On All Dept. Cars

Joe Mink is running to become the next sheriff of Bristol, Virginia. He’s served in the office for nearly three decades and currently works as a deputy, so experience isn’t an issue. And if elected, he knows exactly what he wants to fix:


The overcrowding of the jail is an issue and the financial state of the city of Bristol is an issue. I’m looking at trying to implement something to try to help the city financially and have the inmates work more,” Mink said.

Sounds perfectly reasonable.

Assuming he wins the election, then, what’s the first thing he’s going to do to address those pressing concerns?

“The first thing I would like to do, if I do win the office, is to have ‘In God We Trust’ put on every vehicle we have,” he said. “We need more of that in this city.”


Christ. You know things are bad when even an otherwise rational Democrat can’t help but push his religion on everyone else…

How would telling everyone to obey his God fix the overcrowded jails or budgetary problems? Who knows. But if that’s how he thinks the city’s problems will be fixed, the citizens should start looking for a better candidate.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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