Tennessee Pastor Greg Locke: All Liberals Believe in “Stupid” Things Like Socialism and Science May 13, 2017

Tennessee Pastor Greg Locke: All Liberals Believe in “Stupid” Things Like Socialism and Science

Tennessee Pastor Greg Locke, fresh off his failed attempt at making Planned Parenthood feel really, really bad, wants liberals to know their ideas are stupid.

All liberals. Because we all think exactly alike.


So what are these stupid ideas we liberals believe?

1) “Socialism is great.”
2) “Climate change is an actual threat to our civilization.”
3) “Overpopulation is a real problem.”
4) “Guns are bad.”
5) “You can identify with whatever gender you want to.”

There’s no need to respond to each item here because the whole premise is silly. Locke creates a straw man, laughs off science, laughs it off again, advocates for weapons, and mischaracterizes transgender people.

His problem is the same one we saw with the Planned Parenthood spectacle. He sees the world in black and white. If he opposes abortion, then Planned Parenthood can’t possibly provide services that he finds worthwhile. If science challenges what the Bible says, all of science must be wrong. If LGBT people challenge his notion of Complementarianism, then they can’t possibly know what they’re talking about.

There’s no room to learn about the things he criticizes. He’s never going to pick up a book that’s not Jesus-friendly. He’s not the sort of guy that would grab a drink with someone he disagrees with.

There’s just his view… and the views of all those other people who must be wrong.

What a sad, pathetic way to live your life.

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