Christian Activist: America’s Problems Can Be Blamed on Abortions, Which Feed the “Demonic Realm” May 11, 2017

Christian Activist: America’s Problems Can Be Blamed on Abortions, Which Feed the “Demonic Realm”

Are you worried about our country? About the future of our democracy? About health care?

It turns out all those problems can be traced back to one thing, and it’s somehow not Donald Trump.

Right-wing activist Dave Daubenmire said on his “Pass The Salt Live” show yesterday that this was all the fault of legalized abortion because fetal body parts are fuel for Satan.


“I’m telling you,” he said, “until we stop the slaughter of the pre-born children, we are going to be facing what we are facing. If we do not shut off this valve of blood, innocent blood, there is no hope for us.”

Daubenmire warned that “this innocent blood is feeding” demons.

“They eat blood,” he said. “It’s the spirit realm, we can’t get it, we don’t understand it, but here we are serving up the meal for them … The world’s on fire, the culture is disintegrating, we’re killing babies; we’re feeding the demonic realm, okay!

It all makes sense now. Though if demons are taking all these baby parts, we should really let Planned Parenthood off the hook…

I wonder what Satan will eat if abortion is banned. Can we really be pro-life if we’re starving Satan to death?

Daubenmire didn’t bother making a logical link between abortion and all the problems in America… but that’s probably because there isn’t one. If anything, access to abortion has made life markedly better for women who, in another time, might never have had that choice.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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