Conservative Blogger Deeply Hurt Samantha Bee Ignores All His Great Suggestions May 10, 2017

Conservative Blogger Deeply Hurt Samantha Bee Ignores All His Great Suggestions

Newsbusters blogger Christian Toto is not happy with Samantha Bee. Not happy at all. You see, she hosts a half-hour show once a week on TBS without thought or consideration for what Christian Toto wants to see in a television show. That’s not just bad for Christian Toto. It’s bad for America.

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For one thing, he is very upset with how very partisan Full Frontal With Samantha Bee is! She doesn’t even criticize Rep. Maxine Waters (perhaps because Waters is just that awesome).

Even Stephen Colbert will occasionally tweak the left on The Late Show. It doesn’t’ happen often, and he appears uncomfortable doing it. But he does it all the same.

And that’s to his credit.

On some instinctual level, Colbert realizes he risks losing some audience members if he’s 100 percent progressive. When was the last time Bee “destroyed” anything on the left? The unsteady ramblings of Rep. Maxine Waters? The latest news showcasing just how awful President Barack Obama’s Iran deal truly was? The insane comments coming from the mouths of Hollywood stars?

Nope. It’s all about smiting any politician with an “R” next to his or her name. Period.

If Toto actually watched the show, he’d know that Bee spent an entire segment tweaking the #Resistance movement for resisting to vote… that was all the way back in March, though, so maybe he missed it. She also aired a segment in December where Glenn Beck was portrayed as a sensible guy.

Those weren’t anomalies. Make no mistake, though: Political absurdity, especially right now, is almost exclusivity the hallmark of the GOP.

But if Christian Toto is upset Bee and her staff aren’t writing a show explicitly centered around the things he finds funny, maybe he should make a complete list of all the things he would like to laugh at and make it available to every writer and comedian in the country, so that we all might strive to do better. Everyone would find that very helpful, I’m sure. I know I would.

I can’t wait for Christian Toto to express his desire for bipartisan criticism to the team at Fox News. Unless I missed all those Tucker Carlson monologues in which he passionately advocates for single-payer healthcare.

Christian Toto is also upset that Bee is just always saying Christians are racist, instead of aiming her criticism at Muslims.

Bee repeatedly slams Christians, inferring they are racists and considers such bits “pure pleasure.” Has she ever criticized Muslims for how they treat women and gays? Please share some links in the comments below if she has.

It is unclear whether he was referring to people who practice the Christian religion or people named Christian. It could go either way, really.

That said, considering her show is mostly about domestic issues, and Muslims in the U.S. are almost always the victims of discrimination rather than the perpetrators of it, the omission isn’t out of line.

Christian Toto is also appalled by the fact that Bee has yet to offer her support to right-wing polemicist Ann Coulter, who wasn’t allowed to speak at Berkeley because of the nature of planned student protests. (Even though she was allowed to speak there and chose to pull out on her own.)

The latest situation, which involves conservative speaker Ann Coulter, has yet to draw a serious public rebuke from Bee. A good faith Google search yielded nothing on the terms “Samantha Bee” and “Ann Coulter.”

Why? Doesn’t Coulter have First Amendment rights?

Yes. Bee should have explained to her audience that a warm welcome at Berkeley was Coulter’s constitutional right, and that protests of any kind (other than boycotting Starbucks because their cups are not Christmassy enough) are a clear violation of the First Amendment. I can’t imagine how Bee’s staff missed that. Just think of how many more books, speaking engagements, and television appearances Ann Coulter would have if everyone would just stop silencing her all the time.

With all this damning evidence, it seems pretty likely that Bee and her staff erroneously think they’re writing for an audience of people other than Christian Toto.

But now that he has made his thoughts and feelings clear, I’m sure they will see the error of their ways.

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