Killer Who Decapitated Woman and Blamed God Had Exorcism Beforehand (It Didn’t Work) May 5, 2017

Killer Who Decapitated Woman and Blamed God Had Exorcism Beforehand (It Didn’t Work)

Rachael Hilyard, who admitted to decapitating a 63-year-old woman (her ex-boyfriend’s mother) in her garage and taking her severed head to the kitchen sink, apparently underwent an exorcism and received a blessing from the pastor days earlier.


Hilyard, who told the police “God was telling me to do it” when they arrived at the crime scene, reportedly asked a friend where she could get an exorcism before the killing. That friend recommended Pastor Terry Fox, who visited Hilyard’s home and blessed it.

Not surprisingly, the “exorcism” was ineffective. Not just because, as Fox said, he was unable to tell if she was “mental or demonic,” but also because it was an exorcism. A primitive ritual wasn’t going to heal her.

In fact, it’s not a stretch to say that church-sanctioned exorcisms actually exacerbate existing mental issues from which “possession” victims are most often suffering. In this case, for instance, Hilyard may have been experiencing symptoms of a mental illness if she literally believed God (or the devil) was speaking to her and telling her to kill someone. When the exorcism didn’t make the voices stop, that may have contributed to why she snapped.

The pastor’s response wasn’t to say she should’ve seen a doctor; rather, he just needed more time:

“We were only working with her a few days,” he said. “If we would have had an opportunity to get to her, I believe we could (have helped). … I think if we would have had more time, perhaps we could have made a difference. It broke our hearts.”

Fox, who now focuses his time on “paranormal investigations,” is known for leading the charge against gay marriage in Kansas when he was pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church.

From Fox’s Summit Paranormal Investigations website:

We can investigate and research the paranormal activity that you have been experiencing. We understand that there are real things that happen that cannot be seen with physical eyes. We will listen to your story and not think you are crazy. Please let us know if you have true ghost stories or real ghost pictures. If there is a logical explanation for the activity that can be explained medically or scientifically, we will let you know that, too. We can teach you techniques on how to overcome evil and how to get victory and peace in your life. We can help you find solutions to the paranormal issues in your life.

Hilyard may have been dropping hints that something was up on Facebook, where she made multiple references to decapitation and even talked about attending “Psychopathic Serial Killers for beginners in training class.”

Moral of the story: We need to make sure people like Hilyard get real medical help and not sham exorcisms from people like Fox.

(Image via Facebook)

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