Christian “Prophetess” Opal Covey’s Campaign Van Caught on Fire May 5, 2017

Christian “Prophetess” Opal Covey’s Campaign Van Caught on Fire

Remember Opal Covey?

She’s the self-proclaimed “prophetess” who came in dead last in the race for mayor of Toledo, Ohio, then insisted she actually won the election because all the votes had been stolen from her. It was the only way she could reconcile the results with the fact that God told her she would be Mayor.

She also warned of God’s wrath if that type of obvious voter fraud ever happened again.

Well, it looks like God has inflicted his wrath… on Opal Covey.

Opal Covey’s now famous campaign van caught fire on Navarre Avenue in east Toledo.

She says the motor shut down as she was driving.

When she tried to restart the van, the fire sparked.

“And then all of a sudden somebody stopped across the street and said get out it’s on fire! And that’s the first time that I realized it,” Covey said. “I wasn’t shaking or nothing, but I went back and got my purse and had my sister in the car and we both got out safely.”

I’m glad she’s okay. So is the campaign sign on top of the van which said “I AM YOUR MAYOR (HAVE BEEN SINCE 2013 ELECTION).”

God is surely just testing her.

(via Joe. My. God. Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to SunnyDay for the link)

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