TX Teacher Put On Leave After Supposedly Persecuting a Christian Student (and Teaching Evolution) May 3, 2017

TX Teacher Put On Leave After Supposedly Persecuting a Christian Student (and Teaching Evolution)

An elementary school teacher in Victoria, Texas is currently on administrative leave after an overbearing parent said a student in class was bullied for being a Christian.


As the story goes, students were allowed to pick up bibles from a table set up last week by Gideons International. (The Satanic Temple could theoretically do the same thing, per District policy, so that’s not illegal.)

Jessica Dale‘s daughter was among those who grabbed a Bible before going to Terri Langley-Weber‘s science class.

The fifth grader later relayed to her mother the interaction she saw between another student and the teacher.

A student left the Bible on his desk, Dale said. When asked to put the book away twice by Langley-Weber, he said nothing.

“When you call it a Bible, I’ll put it up,” Dale said the student told the teacher.

When Langley-Weber told the student she would call the office, the student called her a “nonbeliever,” Dale said.

After the student was sent to the main office, the class watched a video about Charles Darwin and filled out the corresponding worksheet.

Students were not allowed to leave the classroom, Dale said.

The parent plans to file a formal complaint with the district and the Texas Education Agency, she said.

“This is a vindictive, spiteful act,” Dale said.

Since that entire account sounds like the work of a God’s Not Dead screenwriter, let me paraphrase: Some kid was being a jerk in class and the teacher sent him to the principal’s office. Afterwards, the kids learned science from their science teacher.

That is not Christian persecution. That is teaching.

That’s a teacher with 23 years of experience dealing with a problem and then getting everyone else back on task.

And that worksheet, by the way, just consists of some basic questions about who Charles Darwin was and why his ideas were so controversial. It’s not like the teacher kicked out a Christian student and then magically produced some anti-God worksheet for the other kids.

There’s nothing “vindictive” or “spiteful” about what the teacher did. (This parent, on the other hand, is the reason so many good teachers leave the profession.)

To be sure, the District hasn’t punished the teacher. They’re merely looking into the situation which, by itself, isn’t unusual. If the account above is accurate, though, this student is the only person who needs to be punished, not the teacher for doing her job.

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