Jew For Jesus Guy Is All Kinds Of Confused About Sexual Harassment April 27, 2017

Jew For Jesus Guy Is All Kinds Of Confused About Sexual Harassment

In an essay at Charisma News, Dr. Michael Brown — a man who considers himself the “world’s foremost Messianic Jewish apologist” — discussed his concerns with the sexual harassment lawsuits filed against Bill O’Reilly as well as his confusion about sexual harassment in general.


Brown seems to believe that it is a truth universally acknowledged that women in possession of a bit of cleavage must be in search of male attention, and thus, any attention paid to said cleavage cannot possibly be sexual harassment.

Referring to incidents described by O’Reilly accuser Perquita Burgess in which the Fox News host would come to her desk, look her up and down, and leer at her cleavage, Brown asks:

If a woman wears a low-cut top to work and a male colleague (or employer) looks at her cleavage, is that sexual harassment?

Look, as a breast-possessing human person, this is what I can tell you: If you are staring at a woman’s breasts to the point where she notices and feels uncomfortable, it’s sexual harassment. And, for what it’s worth, it’s actually not that easy for women with larger breasts to buy clothing to begin with, and even more difficult to find clothing that betrays no cleavage or bra strappage. It’s both a pain in the ass and the back.

Brown also adds that women who wear low-cut tops are basically asking for attention, so how can it be sexual harassment if she gets it?

What I’m questioning is whether it’s sexual harassment if a woman wears suggestive attire and a man checks her out. Is she getting the desired results — namely, male attention — or is this a form of sexual harassment?

Alas, while a woman might possibly want attention from a man, you might not be the man she wants attention from. Particularly if you are her boss. Therefore, any attention you pay to her breasts is unwanted, Therefore, it’s harassment. In a work environment, it’s best to assume that the woman does not want your male attention.

Not that Brown is condoning this behavior, of course.

Again, I’m not justifying the man’s behavior or the woman’s attire. As a follower of Jesus, I do my best to look away from temptation, not toward it. And my wife and I taught our daughters never to dress in such a way as to appeal to male lusts.

And yet, by teaching his daughters this, he is telling them that they are responsible for men being unable to control themselves.

Brown notes that when he posed his initial question to his Twitter followers, around 80% agreed with him — which is probably not too surprising considering the demographics of people who follow Dr. Michael Brown on Twitter. Many women, he noted, agreed that if they wear low-cut tops to work, they’re definitely begging their bosses to stare at their tits.

One of his male followers even wanted to know if a woman who wears a low-cut top was sexually harassing the men in their office. You know, by giving them boners.

I’d also like to know how many men feel uncomfortable when a woman wears a ‘low cut top’ to work? Isn’t that sexual harassment?”

This is similar to a recent (and since deleted!) tweet from Michael Reagan, the son of the man who screwed up both our country and Dark Victory with his terrible acting skills. That Reagan, the one who presumably is afraid of burning in Hell, is also very mad at ladies for giving him unwanted boners.


If women are going to wear low cut dresses that show cleavage don’t be harassed when we men look.Or shld we sue for sexual arousal?

Wow! Maybe they are onto something here! Maybe it’s really women who are to blame for all incidents of sexual harassment against them?

Except for one thing — free will! You see, as much as a man might want to shout “Hey! Nice tits!” at a woman with ample breasts, he is free and perfectly able to not do that. Millions of other men (and lesbians) manage to control themselves every day. If you are like Bill O’Reilly and find yourself totally unable to control your mouth in this way you should probably find a career that doesn’t involve interacting with other humans. It’s just that simple.

The existence of breasts, legs, and all other parts of a woman’s anatomy are simply going to be a fact of life for any heterosexual man who has not decided to join a hermetic monastery of some sort. So perhaps it’s up to them to learn how to deal with it in a way that doesn’t result in a sexual harassment lawsuit. Or several of them.

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