Televangelist Jim Bakker: Radical Muslims Are Taking Over America (So Buy My Giant Buckets of Food) April 25, 2017

Televangelist Jim Bakker: Radical Muslims Are Taking Over America (So Buy My Giant Buckets of Food)

If you’re a Christian living in ISIS territory, you’re not safe. There’s actual persecution to worry about. It’s scary.

According to End Times pastor John Shorey and televangelist Jim Bakker, though, those Islamic radicals are coming to Europe and the United States very soon. And there’s only one way to protect yourself.

Buying giant buckets of food.

(It’s the Bakker solution to everything, from the Zika virus to an unfurnished house.)


Bakker warned that the world is “coming apart” and that in America, “our enemies” may soon “take over our country” and have already positioned themselves in important “areas of government.” People must prepare by purchasing food buckets, he said, otherwise they may wind up starving like Christians in the Middle East.

The only way this purchase would protect you from radical Muslims is if you dumped the contents into a giant hole in the ground, then threw the empty buckets at ISIS Donkey Kong-style.

Hell, if ISIS really wanted to hurt Christians in America, they’d feed them whatever’s in those buckets.

Storey adds in that clip that “in Europe, where the Muslims are taking over the nations, the average birth rate is 8 kids per family. They’re literally [being] taken over by native-born Muslims because that’s their strategy.”

As we’ve come to expect from Christian pastors, there’s no citation for that number and the information is false. A 2015 Pew Forum study found that the Muslim women in Europe had an average of 2.1 children — compared to 1.6 children per woman for Christians.

Based on current trends, Pew estimates that by 2050, there will be approximately 454,090,000 Christians in Europe and 70,870,000 Muslims. Muslims are growing at a faster pace than Christians, but they’re by no means taking over Europe. That’s just another faith-based lie from a godly man.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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