Conservative Christians Are Furious That UC Davis is Selling Plan B in a Vending Machine April 25, 2017

Conservative Christians Are Furious That UC Davis is Selling Plan B in a Vending Machine

The morning-after pill is now available in a vending machine on the campus of the University of California, Davis, and conservative Christians are (as usual) furious because they think this will make students even more promiscuous.


A vending machine has been installed in a study room on the UC Davis campus that offers Plan B, or the morning after pill.

It’s called the “Wellness To Go” Machine and it was installed in early April.

In addition to Plan B, it offers pregnancy tests, tampons, Advil and condoms.

“It is promoting like oh hey, go and have unsafe sex because then you have a backup option and its gonna be cheaper,” UC Davis student Jordan Herrera said.

I don’t want to just pick on some random student, but that person’s not alone. Evangelist Franklin Graham feels the same way.

CNN just reported that University of California Davis has a new kind of vending machine in one of its study rooms. Rather than pushing sugar or caffeine, this one is promoting sex. It dispenses condoms, pregnancy tests, and the morning after pill (also called the Plan B pill). They call it a “Wellness To Go” machine — I strongly disagree. There’s nothing healthy about sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman as God created it — in fact it’s dangerous. It is very sad and concerning to see this type of thing embraced on a university campus.

Having access to Plan B and condoms doesn’t pressure people to have sex any more than having a seat belt in your car makes you want to crash. It’s there in case you need it.

It’s also something conservative Christians ought to be celebrating since there’s a good chance they’ll need it more than everyone else. The people who were raised in the abstinence-or-bust bubble know far less about having safe sex than everyone else. If they want to avoid children or having an abortion, they should be grateful for easy access to contraception.

Even beyond Graham, other conservatives are (as usual) wrongly equating the morning after pill with an abortion.

“Colleges and universities should be offering pregnant and parenting students options of housing, financial aid, diaper decks, and childcare instead of handing over abortion drugs,” said Kristan Hawkins, executive director of Students for Life.

“No woman should be forced to choose between the life of her child and her education,” she told CNA.

That’s a lie. Hawkins is either willfully ignorant or easily duped, but she has no clue what she’s talking about. Plan B prevents ovulation. It blocks fertilization.

If she thinks that kills a baby, then she also believes masturbation is genocide.

This is what the anti-abortion, anti-sex, anti-fact Christian Right crowd does. They can’t stop adults from having sex, but they want to block women from having access to contraception. If that fails, they want to stop women from having access to an abortion. If that doesn’t work, they want to prevent women from getting the help they need to raise the child, whether it’s early education, social welfare programs, or affordable comprehensive health insurance.

(How much do you want to bet, though, that a vending machine selling guns and requiring the bare minimum kind of identification would get a thumbs up from the Franklin Graham crowd?)

Kudos to UC Davis and student Parteek Singh for making these products available to students. It’d be even better if the vending machine itself wasn’t in the way, but it’s a far better option than the “pray you don’t get pregnant” approach to sex that the Religious Right prefers.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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