Ken Ham: Atheists Say They’re Open-Minded, But They Never Change Their Minds About Evolution April 24, 2017

Ken Ham: Atheists Say They’re Open-Minded, But They Never Change Their Minds About Evolution

Ken Ham was on an early morning Twitter tirade today, pushing back against atheists with his usual blend of ignorance and foot-in-mouth disease. This time, he was responding to the atheist argument that we’re willing to follow the evidence wherever it leads.

That’s not true, argued Ham:


Secularists claim they’re not religious as they change ideas with new evidence — but they don’t change belief in naturalism (their religion)

In short: You say you’re open-minded, but you never change your mind about evolution!

That’s right. Because no evidence has overturned that theory. Being open-minded doesn’t mean you reflexively change your mind when someone says you’re wrong. It’s means being open to that idea and examining the evidence challenging your beliefs.

By Ham’s (il)logic, atheist parents are bad skeptics unless they consider the possibility that they don’t really love their kids.

Just to prove how little credibility he has, this is the tweet that Ham posted right before the one above:


A reporter asked why I had same beliefs re origins & morality as I did yrs ago as culture’s changed:I said “Cause the Bible hasn’t changed.”

The Bible hasn’t change. But science has improved and we know a lot more now than we did before. Pick your time span. It doesn’t matter. Accumulated knowledge moves in a direction of more enlightenment. Ham just doesn’t want to come along for the ride.

There are some people who have their greatest ideas in the middle of the night when their minds are free from all the usual daily distractions. If this is the best Ham can do at 2:37a… well, is anyone surprised?

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