Christianity: Expectations vs. Reality April 19, 2017

Christianity: Expectations vs. Reality

Christians should feel really really bad that their religion, at least in the public eye, has turned from the panel on the left to the panel on the right:


They love to talk about how generous and kind and compassionate they are… yet their leaders consistently fight for the right to treat certain groups of people like garbage. That won’t stop unless more Christians speak out against faith-based discrimination (against LGBT people, women, you name it) — and stop attending and supporting any church that doesn’t follow suit.

But those evangelical megachurches and Catholic churches aren’t empty yet, are they?

(Quick note: While the Bible speaks of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet, the prostitute actually washed Jesus’ feet.)

By the way, in case you think the panel on the right is an exaggeration, read this and this. It happens.

(via Life of Bria)

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