A Nebraska Inmate Punched Another Prisoner… For Refusing To Pray With Him April 19, 2017

A Nebraska Inmate Punched Another Prisoner… For Refusing To Pray With Him

Earlier this month, 23-year-old Abdullah Abdullah was put in jail after police officers caught him trying to sell alcohol outside a bar in Lancaster County, Nebraska. He also had 30 lorazepam pills in his pocket — without a prescription. That didn’t help.

Abdullah is a religious man, though, and I imagine that’s helped him get through these past few weeks. On Sunday, he even asked a fellow inmate to join him in prayer. And when that inmate declined, Abdullah responded with grace and dignity.

He punched the man in the face.


Abdullah told police he prayed about the situation earlier that day and felt like he’d be able to make the other man pray with him.

On the last time Abdullah asked, the victim said, “No, I don’t want to (expletive) pray with you, so stop asking,” the document says.

Police believe Abdullah got upset about the man cursing and lunged at him.

Abdullah’s faith brought him peace… And when that didn’t work, it inspired him to be violent. If that isn’t religion in a nutshell, I don’t know what is.

Incidentally, the Lincoln Journal Star doesn’t mention Abdullah’s religion in its article. I wonder if that’s because the information wasn’t available and they didn’t want to assume anything, or if it was a deliberate decision.

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