This Video Does Not Show a Preacher Bringing a Dead Baby Back to Life April 18, 2017

This Video Does Not Show a Preacher Bringing a Dead Baby Back to Life

In a bit of found footage, a preacher named Frances Hunter, who ran a “healing” ministry until her death in 2009, talks about how she once resurrected a dead baby. And she has the footage to prove it!

Well… “prove” isn’t the right word.

What we learn in the video is that there’s a baby in the audience of one of her services who wears a heart monitor. That monitor began beeping, suggesting the baby’s heart had stopped. The mother brought the child to Hunter. She said some magic words to summon Jesus and, just like that, the baby was alive again!


I have so many questions after watching that…

  • Did anyone in that church call a doctor? Because no one looked like they were rushing to a phone.
  • Why is everyone just standing around as the baby is supposedly dying?!
  • Hunter says at one point, “I see a new heart,” but we obviously don’t see the baby’s medical records, before or after this incident.
  • What are the chances that heart monitor was just defective? Hell, I have electronics in my house that accidentally beep today, and they’re way better devices than whatever they had 20 or 30 years ago or whenever this video was taken.
  • Even if the baby’s heart stopped, that doesn’t mean the baby was dead. The heart would have to stop for several minutes before doctors considered death as an option. This video suggests the beeping lasted a few seconds, tops.

I’m glad the baby’s okay, but Hunter’s prayers had nothing to do with it. And this video shows absolutely nothing.

(via Christian Nightmares and Honeydew Wilkins)

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